Starting at fort clinch historic site and ending at fort george island, this photo session was full of adventure and intimacy, the family kind, of course.

When I think of the perfect little couple, a couple to the likes of Lyka and Kwari Stevens comes to mind. Not only were they up for venturing to two different locations, they were more than happy to deal with the very usual, and very temperamental Florida weather. Oh, and the bugs. There are a lot of those here. They have the most beautiful little girl and are excitedly welcoming a little babe in the Summer, which is ultimately what led them to me. When I spoke to Lyka, she wanted a family shoot, but she also wanted to incorporate her pregnancy into the shoot, which I was more than excited to do. As a mother myself, I have a deep love and appreciation for mothers and women as a whole and any opportunity to capture that magic is an opportunity I am privileged to have.

We started at the very beautiful Fort Clinch State Park, the historic site specifically, located on Amelia Island. (If you are ever traveling/vacationing in the area and you are looking for fun things to do, I would highly recommend visiting the state park and the historic site if you can! It is by far one of my favorite places to visit and shoot, personally. Visit for more information.) We made our way around the Fort and ended up at one of my favorite parts, the beach access area where it is quiet and private and perfect for a family shoot setting. Their little girl loved playing with the sand and shells and I was able to capture memories that last forever there.

After we had finished at the Fort, we ventured off to Fort George Island, located right off of Heckscher Drive in Jacksonville, Florida. I love Fort George Island because of its very secluded and private nature. My husband and I found the perfect little area for virtually any type of photoshoot and I knew this would be perfect for the Stevens family. It was there that we captured some of the most magical maternity photos. Mom was an absolute angel in front of the camera and Dad was such a wonderful support system. The love that this family has for each other is so pure and it was a joy to be able to capture that on camera. Their little one on the way has no idea how much they are already loved.

I give my greatest thanks to the Stevens family for allowing me to photograph them!