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Hi there, I'm Christina

While I wish I could take all of the credit, it's really all of these beautiful families that deserve it. I am merely here to capture all of your most treasured moments, that way you can keep them safe with you forever. I have a deep passion for making people happy, especially during their most coveted times, and I would be honored if I could do the same for you.

More About Me

Photography is so important. It's something that connects the present to the past and always serves as a reminder of all of the magical moments you once experienced. What a beautiful thing it is to be able to look back on the moments that once made you so happy, and with photography, the happiness lasts forever.

I aim to capture the candid, raw, in-between moments, because I always feel those are the most magical.

& so much more...

Hopper Family

"Incredibly professional, compassionate, and genuine human on top of her skills as a photogenic artist. I can't recommend her work enough. Thank you for everything."

-E. Hopper

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Now is the time to be inspired and excited! Let's make any and all of your visions come to life and create some beautiful memories together that will stand the test of time. What a beautiful, adventurous ride this will be! Let's do it.

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